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Project for a water factory expansion that proposes the construction of a recognizable and pregnant volume by means of a simple and fast dry construction system (steel frame and corrugated sheet metal). This expansion is consolidated as a piece on its own that seeks to call attention to pedestrians and neighbors with the aim of communicating and educating about the water production process. For its aim is a solid volume of sheet metal with a horizontal cut, allowing the purification, filtering and bottling machinery to be observed inwards. It also has two sets of mirrors: 1. Interior: A mirror tilted into the ceiling that allows the entire production process on the ground to be observed from the street. 2. Exterior: A series of facade mirrors that play with the reflections of the exterior movement of the factory and a small garden area that stains the canopy green. Both sets of mirrors work on the idea of ​​the reflections of the water at the same time that they attract the attention of the pedestrian, intriguing and communicating what is happening inside.

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